EDA People

Together we bring experience in projects large and small, terrestrial and marine, tropical and temperate, for species common and rare. To learn more about our team members, view their CVs, or obtain their contact information, click on their names.


Ashton Drew, PhD, Reseach Coordinator

  • landscape ecology; fish and wildlife conservation; habitat and population modeling; conservation planning; expert knowledge applications; adaptive monitoring and management

Krishna Pacifici, PhD, Research Coordinator

  • decision analysis and optimization in the face of climate change and uncertainty; spatiotemporal dynamics; population sampling and estimation; Bayesian statistical models; wildlife conservation

Brad Pickens, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • quantitative ecology, landscape ecology, species distribution modeling, habitat selection, satellite remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), wetland and coastal ecology

Louise Alexander-Vaughn, MS, Research Associate

  • conservation planning; the evaluation of natural resource management; stakeholder involvement within the decision making process; expert elicitation; conservation biology

Clinton Brooks, BS, Research Technician

  • vertebrate biodiversity surveys, habitat surveys, and GIS

Current Students

Kara Dziwulski, MS Student (2015)

  • Research associate on Christmas tree project, focusing on mammalian diversity

Past Students

Samantha Rogers, MS Zoology 2011

  • King Rail (Rallus elegans) Occupancy, Reproductive Activity and Success in Fire Managed Coastal Marshes of North Carolina and Virginia (Thesis pdf)