Vertebrate Modeling

Species List Development

Selection Criteria

Gap Analysis predicted distribution maps are being created for all vertebrate species that breed in the Southeastern U.S. or use habitat there for an important part of their life history. Decisions were made on which species' habitats will be mapped based on standard Gap Analysis guidelines. Species lists have been created for each of the southeastern states by state-level Gap projects; these lists were compiled and pared down to remove some subspecies and domesticated species. Subspecies were only included when supported as distinct and non-overlapping with either the full species or other subspecies. The final list includes amphibians, mammals, reptiles, breeding birds, and wintering waterfowl.

Species Lists

After review, 602 species remained for habitat modeling:

Salamander clip art 131 Amphibian species: View List
Eagle clip art 253 Avian species: View List
Bear clip art 95 Mammalian species: View List
Snake clip art 123 Reptilian species: View List