Designing Sustainable Landscapes

Avian Habitat Modeling for the SAMBI Designing Sustainable Landscapes Project

Matthew J. Rubino and Steven G. Williams
Biodiversity and Spatial Information Center, NC State University, Raleigh, NC 27695


In support of the Designing Sustainable Landscapes project, avian habitat models were developed for 40 species representing 12 distinct habitat types within the South Atlantic Migratory Bird Initiative region (see Table 1 ). These models were used to assess the current and future capability of habitats to support sustainable bird populations in the face of complex landscape changes including urban growth and the effects of climate change on sea level rise and plant community succession.

The basis of the habitat models was derived from the Southeast Gap Analysis Project which utilized a deductive approach to develop boolean (presence/absence) predictive habitat maps within a species known range (see Appendix A and Appendix B for SE-GAP methodology, see Table 2 for species model reports). Models were developed using both ESRI GRID and ERDAS Imagine software. Batch scripting was employed in both software programs to achieve standardization and efficiency. The original SE-GAP habitat models were further refined by the inclusion of vegetative structure (i.e. open, closed) and stand age parameters (i.e. early, mid, late) into both the land cover classification and the habitat association database (see Appendix C and Appendix D ).

Three scenarios of climate change (A2, A1B, and B1) were incorporated into landscape succession modeling and subsequently used as the land cover data input for avian habitat models. All other model input data layers were consistent for each species habitat model. Each scenario has 11 decadal time steps from 2000-2100 resulting in 33 model outputs for each species (1,386 total data layers).


DSL-SAMBI_Deductive_Habitat_Modeling.pdf Deductive Habitat Modeling for the DSL-SAMBI (pdf)
All data downloads include A1B, A2, and B1 Emission Scenarios and Decadal Predictions 2000-2100 for DSL-SAMBI (ESRI GRID) DSL-SAMBI: American Black Duck  / Anas rubripes DSL-SAMBI: Acadian Flycatcher  / Empidonax virescens DSL-SAMBI: American Kestrel  / Falco sparverius DSL-SAMBI: American Oystercatcher  / Haematopus palliatus DSL-SAMBI: Bachman's Sparrow  / Aimophila aestivalis DSL-SAMBI: Brown-headed Nuthatch  / Sitta pusilla DSL-SAMBI: Black-throated Green Warbler  / Dendroica virens DSL-SAMBI: Cerulean Warbler  / Dendroica cerulea DSL-SAMBI: Common Ground-Dove  / Columbina passerina DSL-SAMBI: Chuck-will's-widow  / Caprimulgus carolinensis DSL-SAMBI: Field Sparrow  / Spizella pusilla DSL-SAMBI: Henslow's Sparrow  / Ammodramus henslowii DSL-SAMBI: Hooded Warbler  / Wilsonia citrina DSL-SAMBI: Kentucky Warbler  / Oporornis formosus DSL-SAMBI: King Rail  / Rallus elegans DSL-SAMBI: Least Bittern  / Ixobrychus exilis DSL-SAMBI: Least Tern  / Sterna antillarum DSL-SAMBI: Loggerhead Shrike  / Lanius ludovicianus DSL-SAMBI: Louisiana Waterthrush  / Seiurus motacilla DSL-SAMBI: Northern Bobwhite  / Colinus virginianus DSL-SAMBI: Northern Parula  / Parula americana DSL-SAMBI: Northern Pintail  / Anas acuta DSL-SAMBI: Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow  / Ammodramus nelsoni DSL-SAMBI: Painted Bunting  / Passerina ciris DSL-SAMBI: Piping Plover  / Charadrius melodus DSL-SAMBI: Prairie Warbler  / Dendroica discolor DSL-SAMBI: Prothonotary Warbler  / Protonotaria citrea DSL-SAMBI: Red-cockaded Woodpecker  / Picoides borealis DSL-SAMBI: Redhead  / Aythya americana DSL-SAMBI: Red knot  / Calidris canutus DSL-SAMBI: Red-headed Woodpecker  / Melanerpes erythrocephalus DSL-SAMBI: Sandhill Crane  / Grus canadensis DSL-SAMBI: Seaside Sparrow  / Ammodramus maritimus DSL-SAMBI: Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow  / Ammodramus caudacutus DSL-SAMBI: Swallow-tailed Kite  / Elanoides forficatus DSL-SAMBI: Summer Tanager  / Piranga rubra DSL-SAMBI: Swainson's Warbler  / Limnothlypis swainsonii DSL-SAMBI: Wood Duck  / Aix sponsa DSL-SAMBI: Wood Stork  / Mycteria americana DSL-SAMBI: Yellow-throated Warbler  / Dendroica dominica

All data downloads include A1FI and B1 Emission Scenario and Decadal Predictions 2000-2100 for DSL-SERAP (ESRI GRID) DSL-SERAP: American Black Duck  / Anas rubripes DSL-SERAP: Acadian Flycatcher  / Empidonax virescens DSL-SERAP: American Kestrel  / Falco sparverius DSL-SERAP: American Oystercatcher  / Haematopus palliatus DSL-SERAP: Bachman's Sparrow  / Aimophila aestivalis DSL-SERAP: Brown-headed Nuthatch  / Sitta pusilla DSL-SERAP: Black-throated Green Warbler  / Dendroica virens DSL-SERAP: Cerulean Warbler  / Dendroica cerulea DSL-SERAP: Common Ground-Dove  / Columbina passerina DSL-SERAP: Chuck-will's-widow  / Caprimulgus carolinensis DSL-SERAP: Field Sparrow  / Spizella pusilla DSL-SERAP: Henslow's Sparrow  / Ammodramus henslowii DSL-SERAP: Hooded Warbler  / Wilsonia citrina DSL-SERAP: Kentucky Warbler  / Oporornis formosus DSL-SERAP: King Rail  / Rallus elegans DSL-SERAP: Least Bittern  / Ixobrychus exilis DSL-SERAP: Least Tern  / Sterna antillarum DSL-SERAP: Loggerhead Shrike  / Lanius ludovicianus DSL-SERAP: Louisiana Waterthrush  / Seiurus motacilla DSL-SERAP: Northern Bobwhite  / Colinus virginianus DSL-SERAP: Northern Parula  / Parula americana DSL-SERAP: Northern Pintail  / Anas acuta DSL-SERAP: Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow  / Ammodramus nelsoni DSL-SERAP: Painted Bunting  / Passerina ciris DSL-SERAP: Piping Plover  / Charadrius melodus DSL-SERAP: Prairie Warbler  / Dendroica discolor DSL-SERAP: Prothonotary Warbler  / Protonotaria citrea DSL-SERAP: Red-cockaded Woodpecker  / Picoides borealis DSL-SERAP: Redhead  / Aythya americana DSL-SERAP: Red knot  / Calidris canutus DSL-SERAP: Red-headed Woodpecker  / Melanerpes erythrocephalus DSL-SERAP: Sandhill Crane  / Grus canadensis DSL-SERAP: Seaside Sparrow  / Ammodramus maritimus DSL-SERAP: Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow  / Ammodramus caudacutus DSL-SERAP: Swallow-tailed Kite  / Elanoides forficatus DSL-SERAP: Summer Tanager  / Piranga rubra DSL-SERAP: Swainson's Warbler  / Limnothlypis swainsonii DSL-SERAP: Wood Duck  / Aix sponsa DSL-SERAP: Wood Stork  / Mycteria americana DSL-SERAP: Yellow-throated Warbler  / Dendroica dominica

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